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    How to attach a Shared Libraries Directory to WebApplication Deployed on JBoss?

    Andrea Cacciatori Newbie

      Hi to All.


      I try to configure JBoss AS to USE a custom Shared Libraries to attach a specific location that contains many properties (not jars file) file that would be read when i launch my web application.


           In other words:


      I have an ear that cotains a simple web module.


      And in another location of my pc (it's not important) e.g. (C:\propFiles) i have many properties file (*.properties) that contains some information for the running of my web-app.



      I want to add to classpath the specific path (C:\propFiles).


      I read in other forum that i create a file like this jboss-app.xml in the EarContent Folder


      <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> 

      <!DOCTYPE jboss-app

      PUBLIC "-//JBoss//DTD Java EE Application 5.0//EN"





                <module id="WebModule_1311325144524">









      The webmodule i MakeDoc.war and i want that this module have visibility on the properties file contained in the specified path (choosed by me).

      But seems not work .

      If i put directly my props files in the EarContent directory my application found sharedlibraries because the EarContent Folder is in the classpath by default. But during the run of my application, when i try to recover some information from the properties file i have encountered an error: FileNotFoundException. Why? Since the properties is in the archive is possible that could't be read?

      Any Suggestion?

      Is the right way?


      I try to explain all better, i want to make a compare with websphere application server.

      In application.xml under tab "sharing" or "distribution" in the advanced editor of RSA (custom version of ecplise) i can find the shared libraries menus where i can create new ones specifyng a custom path. But the modify at this descriptor is not write in the same file, but in anothere: deployments.xml (specific for websphere)..where i can find the library just created. like this:

          <modules xmi:type="appdeployment:WebModuleDeployment" xmi:id="WebModuleDeployment_1311602392657" startingWeight="10000"           uri="regressionTest.war"/>

          <classloader xmi:id="Classloader_1311602392657" mode="PARENT_FIRST">

            <libraries xmi:id="LibraryRef_1311669686542" libraryName="JS_SL"/>



      But obviosusly in JBoss the story is different. I try with jboss-app file..but maybe is not the only file that is necessary to configure shared libraries.


      please help!


      Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english.