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    Problem running a process in the BPM Console

    doctorwho Newbie



      I have created a process using the eclipse tooling, and it will run inside of eclipse, but when I add it to Guvnor, and then build it so it shows in the BPM Console, it does not start properly.


      When I try to start the process, it brings up a window that just shows:


      _2_CommentInput _2_SkippableInput _2_ContentInput _2_TaskNameInput _2_PriorityInput _2_CommentInput _2_CommentInput _2_SkippableInput false _2_SkippableInput _2_ContentInput _2_ContentInput_2_TaskNameInput greeting _2_TaskNameInput _2_PriorityInput _2_PriorityInput krisv _3_pathInput _3_urlInput _3_resultOutput _3_pathInput /scripts/nic _3_pathInput _3_urlInput http://localhost:8082/TimeLineServiceApp_3_urlInput _3_resultOutput result _5_pathInput _5_urlInput _5_resultOutput _5_pathInput /scripts/seqgen _5_pathInput _5_urlInput http://localhost:8082/TimeLineServiceApp _5_urlInput _5_resultOutput result _7_pathInput_7_urlInput _7_pathInput /scripts/slinc _7_pathInput _7_urlInput http://localhost:8082/TimeLineServiceApp _7_urlInput _8_pathInput _8_urlInput _8_pathInput /scripts/scmfgen _8_pathInput _8_urlInputhttp://localhost:8082/TimeLineServiceApp _8_urlInput _9_CommentInput _9_SkippableInput _9_ContentInput _9_TaskNameInput _9_PriorityInput _9_CommentInput _9_CommentInput _9_SkippableInput false_9_SkippableInput _9_ContentInput _9_ContentInput _9_TaskNameInput aceApproval _9_TaskNameInput _9_PriorityInput _9_PriorityInput krisv _10_toInput _10_contentInput _10_subjectInput _10_fromInput_10_toInput thisisnotmyemail@bork.com _10_toInput _10_contentInput The command passed the ASP with no problems. _10_contentInput _10_subjectInput ASP Command pass _10_subjectInput _10_fromInput workflow_10_fromInput _11_urlInput _11_urlInput http://localhost:8082/TimeLineServiceApp _11_urlInput _13_toInput _13_contentInput _13_subjectInput _13_fromInput _13_toInput thisisnotmyemail@bork.com _13_toInput_13_contentInput The command failed the NIC check. _13_contentInput _13_subjectInput NIC Failure _13_subjectInput _13_fromInput workflow _13_fromInput _15_toInput _15_contentInput _15_subjectInput_15_fromInput _15_toInput thisisnotmyemail@bork.com _15_toInput _15_contentInput The command errored in SEQGEN. _15_contentInput _15_subjectInput The command had an error during SEQGEN. _15_subjectInput_15_fromInput workflow _15_fromInput return(result); return(result); return(!result); return(!result);


      The above just looks like some of the definitions from the .bpmn file. Does anyone know what is going on here, and (hopefully) how to fix it?

      I have attached a screenshot of the problem happening.