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    JBoss stopped on wrong server

    sebastiandoerr Newbie

      Hey folks,


      got a real strange problem here. I have a VMWare Windows Server hosting 4 JBoss instances. All stop scripts include the following line to stop JBoss:


      call %JBOSS_HOME%\bin\twiddle.bat --server=jnp://localhost:10801 invoke "jboss.system:type=Server" shutdown


      Now if in one of the 4 JBOSS instances the process is already stopped and the shutdown script is fired again, a JBOSS process on another VMWare Windows server is stopped. First I thought this has something to do with localhost and inappropiate pointing. But unfortunetaly that effect is only present on one of the 4 machines and not on all of them! So I'm wondering why this works fine for 3 instances but not for the 4th one and why the hell JBOSS on another server is stopped!!!!


      Any ideas are highly appreciated!!!