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    rich:tabPanel selectedTab never called

    Jeff Pusczek Newbie

      I cannot get selectedTab to work




      <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" selectedTab="#{scheduleBean.selectedTab}">
                      <rich:tab header="Schedule" name="schedulTab" id="schedulTab">
                      <rich:tab header="Parameters" name="parametersTab" id="parametersTab">
                          <ui:include src="WEB-INF/jsf/parameters.xhtml">
                              <ui:param name="bean" value="#{scheduleBean.parametersBean}" />
                              <ui:param name="canShowHideBurstable" value="true" />
                              <ui:param name="hideBurstable"
                                  value="#{scheduleBean.scheduleMetaDataDTO.bursted}" />


      backing bean



      public void setSelectedTab(String selectedTab) {
              this.selectedTab = selectedTab;
          public String getSelectedTab() {
              return selectedTab;


      I put a break point and selectedTab="#{scheduleBean.selectedTab}" is never called


      I change the code to


      <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" selectedTab="parametersTab"> and the parameters tab is still never the selected tab when the page loads