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    Can't add project to AS7 using Eclipse Indigo with JBoss Tools 3.2

    Daniel Gimenes Newbie

      Hi guys, I need some help.


      I can't add a javaee6 project made from the JBoss archetype on a JBoss AS 7 server using the Eclipse Indigo adapter from JBoss Tools.


      I've already done the Pete Muir video tutorial (https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/AS7/Creating+your+own+application#) three times already... The drag'n'drop as done in the video doesn't work, and "Add and Remove" says there is no resources to deploy.


      I'm using the Eclipse Indigo and the JBoss Tools 3.2. The AS7 adapter appears to me on the "add server" list, exactly like the tutorial.


      Where should I look for problems?