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    Will AS 7 administration console get JMX management

    Maurice Zeijen Master

      I noticed that JBoss AS 7 doesn't have the jmx-console any more and that the administration console doesn't offer any JMX management features like the jmx-console. Is this feature going to be added in the future?


      I understand that JBoss AS 7 isn't based anymore on JMX and doesn't offer as many as JMX Beans to be managed via JMX. If I understand correctly then the administration console is going to make it possible to fully manage the jboss server without needing JMX.


      A lot of applications however offer management possibilities via JMX. Whenever I develop an application or library I also always use JMX as a way to monitor or configure the application/library. We use the jmx-console a lot during local development or for our QA / production servers to test or manage the applications on there. Even in production it is sometimes easier to use the jmx-console to take a look at certain information then tooles like RHQ or other monitoring software.


      The JConsole is also a nice way to do this but it has a couple of downsides (which I won't go into now) and that is why I prefer the jmx-console. There aren't a lot of thirdparty applications that offer a decent application that is similar to the jmx-console.


      If no decent JMX-console replacement is planned then I will consider building my own.

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          Op Sakiya Newbie

          I'm in the same boat here. Moving from JBoss4, I was looking for this last week and couldn't find any information about JMX console on Jboss 7.  Through a Web interface, it's very handy to flush database connection in the pool and flush caches or hibernate entities.  I would love to have a similar admin tool as JMX console.  But, if it's not gonna happpen, what would you guys recommend to use via the Web interface.