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    LDAP authentication with referral mode

    Boubakar Saim Haddache Newbie



      We've a RHQ Server 4.0.1, with a configured an entreprise LDAP used for other puropose. Every thing is working fine, until the day when we decided to integrate another LDAP using the referral mechanism.


      We've a Nexus server (repo maven), and hutson server, the 2 servers (Nexus, Hutson) worked correctory with the Referral mechanism, but not the RHQ Server. We've put a line :


      java.naming.referral=follow in the Jboss jndi.properties in the dir $RHQ_SERVER/jbossas/server/default/conf


      But we've seen any difference, we've put the jndi.properties in the some jars in the lib dir, but it doesn't work.


      Is there other way to resolve my problem ?


      With kind regards



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          mazz Master

          I'm not all that familiar anymore with all the new LDAP code that has been added to RHQ in the past year, however, it would not surprise me that java.naming.referral settings are ignored. I do not recall ever seeing that setting referenced in the codebase - so unless that is a setting that is used under the covers by some low-level LDAP communications code deep in the JRE's own implementation classes, I would suggest you create a bugzilla bug report with full replication procedures so we know exactly what your LDAP setup is, what you are trying to do, and the steps you did to replicate the problem.




          (oh, if you can, grab the RHQ source code and see if you can fix it )