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    begin with JBPM

    Gilles WAMBO Newbie

      Hi evry one!

      I m new to use JBM so I would need your help. I have many quations:

      1. firstly I don't know how to use JBPM server with eclipse IDE, if is important to have jbpm pluggin integrate in eclipse. my eclipse ide is helios and my jbpm is vesion 5.

      2. secondly I would like to know how we can deploy jpm projet design in eclipse ide in te workflow motor JBPM 5.


      so I read user guide but I don't understand very well.

      Thanks for you!

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          Michael Wagner Newbie



          there is no such thing as a "jBPM server". The jBPM engine works without any server. Only if you want to use the grovnor-tools (for editing process definitions) or the jbpm-console (for executing human task processes) you need to run an application server (i.e. JBoss) and deploy the components.

          Have you tried out the demo? There is an eclipse helios installation inculded and configured by the ant script.

          Your second question I do not understand. What do you mean with "jpm projet design"? If you mean a process definition it is enough to load and start it with the API. You also can deploy it on your AS by using the govnor repository like shown here:



          Hope that helps.