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Testing JackRabbit using EJB 3 services with jboss-EJB-3.0_Embeddable_ALPHA_9

Muzammil Shaikh Newbie

Hi All,


I am using jboss-EJB-3.0_Embeddable_ALPHA_9 for testing EJB 3. Reason for using jboss-EJB-3.0_Embeddable_ALPHA_9 is that the JBoss server version in our production environment is: EAP 4.3.0.


I have a JackRabbit application that I need to test that is using EJB services. The problem I am facing is that I cannot find a way for Jboss Embeddable to deploy jackrabbit-jcr-ds.xml file and therefore on looking up JackRabbit repository using JNDI lookup I get NameNotFoundException.


I have attached: jackrabbit-jcr-ds.xml.


Can anyone please suggest how to configure JackRabbit with jboss-EJB-3.0_Embeddable_ALPHA_9.


Thanks in advance!


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