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    Including resources outside context root with JSF2


      I'm currently upgrading an application from JSF 1.2 and Richfaces 3.3 to JSF 2 and Richfaces 4.

      I'm having issues getting my application to include stylesheets using JSF2's new h:outputStylesheetcomponent

      Here is my old code:

      <a4j:loadStyle src="resource:///com/testing/test/html/css/style.xcss" />


      And here is what I have for my new code (Not working):


      <h:outputStylesheet library="resource:///com/testing/test/html/css/" name="style.xcss" />



      I've tried various variations but none have worked. I get a message saying RES_NOT_FOUND when using firebugs css tab.

      Any ideas?