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    reRender problem with rich:orderingList

    Arisson Leal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have the following scenario in my form:

      One command button that display one modal panel with a dataTable showing a users list. In this dataTable i have one columm with one commandLink called select user, when this commanLink is clicked i close the modal panel and add the selected user in one List called selectedUsers.

      My rich:orderingList display the values from the selectedUsers.

      This works fine!

      The problem occurs when i submit the form without fill the required fields, my modal still working adding the values in the list, but my rich:orderingList don't recognized the new values.Even i reRender all the form don't work.

      I tryed this in different versions of richfaces and occured the same problem.

      This is a bug?