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    Tooltips for Inactive Tabs

    Garam Song Newbie

      Hello everyone,


      I have a richfaces 3 tabpanel set up with four tabs. I would like to be able to see a tooltip when I place my cursor over any of the tabs.

      This is possible when a tab is active, but doesn't work for inactive tabs.


      I think that an equivalent question would be, how do I activate javascript on inactive tabs? I tried to put an alert on all the tabs using the 'onmouseover' event, but it only triggered for the active tab. Please help!

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          Garam Song Newbie

          Code is:



            rendered="#{currentUser != null and currentIndividualGuy!=null and currentIndividualGuy.active == true}"

            width="200px" labelWidth="180px" name="myThingTab">

            <f:facet name="label" id="myThingsHeader">

            <h:panelGroup id="myThingsHeaderPanel">

            <h:outputText id="myThingsCount"

            value="#{msgs.myThingHeader} ( #{myThingsController.thingsCount} )"

            styleClass="things-header-text" />



            <ui:include src="watchedThingsTable.xhtml">

            <ui:param name="header" value="#{msgs.myThings}" />

            <ui:param name="id" value="myThings" />

            <ui:param name="controller" value="#{myThingsController}" />

            <ui:param name="value" value="#{myThings}" />

            <ui:param name="table" value="#{myThingsTable}" />


            <rich:toolTip id="myThingsTableTooltip"

            for="myThingsHeaderPanel" styleClass="tooltip-tabs"

            followMouse="true" direction="top-right" showDelay="200">