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    Brian Leathem Master

      What does RenderKit.renderPassThroughAttributesOptimized(...) do? As in select.template.xml.


      If you put it in a template.xml by itself, it has no effect.  On has to explicitly include the cdk:passThroughWithExclusions to get the events to passthough.  And the removing the cdk call to renderPassThroughAttributesOptimized has no effect.


      Also, what is significant about the placement of the cdk call to renderPassThroughAttributesOptimized?



      Brian Leathem

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          Nick Belaevski Master

          Hi Brian,


          Method RenderKitUtils.renderPassThroughAttributesOptimized(FacesContext, UIComponent, Map<String, ComponentAttribute>) is for encoding attributes of components merged together with behavior chains (where applicable). ComponentAttribute class is a static class containing metadata.


          If it doesn't work for you, then maybe you've provided incomplete metadata?


          On the placement question: you can put this tag in the element before any other element that renders text, so that the sequence is as follows:

          - starting tag

          - attributes (either specified inline or via pass-through)

          - text/nested tags



          Another limitation is that you cannot have two different attributes with the same name in the same element - that's XML restriction. CDK should handle this correctly for a mix of inline/pass-through tag attributes, but it cannot validate direct calls to ResponseWriter.