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    problem cast classes arquillian

    gg cc Newbie



      I 've been able to run a remote test to inject an EJB, but i have a method that uses inheritance (Base class Date and child class ConcretDate). Well if i try to call this method the surefire report tells me that is not possible to make the cast between the base and the child class....


      do i i need a class to make the cast?


      is there a problem with arquillian and inheritance?


      thanks in advance.

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          gg cc Newbie

          The arquillian package deploys fine in jboss 6 and the EJB injection works but when i try to run the tests it does not work...


          The EJB uses a persistence:


          @PersistenceContext(unitName = "xxxxxxx-jta")

              EntityManager em;



          When i try to get all the Dates it does not work:


          return em.find(DateEntity.class, id);


          java.lang.ClassCastException: com.xxxxxxx.entity.ConcretDateEntity cannot be cast to com.xxxxxx.entity.DateEntity


          Do i need to include the persistence.xml as well to run the test?


          thanks in advance,

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            Aslak Knutsen Master

            It's a standard deployment, so you'll need to add the same things that you would need in the deployment outside of Arquillian.