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    How to implement a rich:datatable that shows popup with msg “Sorting in progress” when sort column (Header Column) is clicked?

    Arun Ram Newbie

      I'm new to JSF and Richfaces...


      Our web application uses JSF 1.2 and Richfaces 3.1.  We have a problem when the user does multiple click on the rich:datatable header to sort (before the results are back, the user end up clicking multiple time). To avoid this, i want to show a modal panel and hide when sorting is complete


      I have a rich:datatable something like this


      <rich:column id="lotno" sortBy="#{tableData.lots.id}">

          <f:facet name="header">

              <h:outputText value="Lot#" />


          <h:outputText value="#{tableData.lots.id}" />



      On Click of LOT# Header Column, I want to show a modal panel with message "Sorting is in progress plz wait..."  and once sorting is done, I want to hide the modal panel.


      Can you please tell how to implement this i.e what event should i use to call "Richfaces.hideModalPanel("pleasewaitpanel");" and Richfaces.showModalPanel("pleasewaitpanel");




      Can this be done using A4J:Status..?   Code example with a4j:status will be of great help!!