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    RunAs and security context propagation

    Mandar Kulkarni Newbie

      I have 3 EJBs(SLSBs) in my application.


      Bean1 --> invokes --> Method of Bean 2 --> (Bean2) invokes method of Bean 3


      Bean 1 is unsecured. Bean2 and Bean 3 are secured by the role "admin".

      I have specified "@RunAs("admin)" on Bean 1. But the role specified in runas is not propagated to Bean 3.


      I have seen quite a few posts in the forums about the same issue.However all of them talks about JBoss 5.x and earlier.

      I am using JBoss 6.1. So, just wanted to know if the issue is fixed in JBoss 6.1.


      Any workarounds(except for programmatic login) if the bug still exists in JBoss 6?