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    ReSTEasy stopped working JBoss 6 -> JBoss 7

    Raj Tiwari Newbie


      I have a very simple test app that uses a @Path class to invoke ReST-based functionality. My simple app invokes my code when run in JBoss 6. However, the same app when run in JBoss 7 returns an HTTP 404 error.


      Here is my class:


      @Path( "/users" )

      public class UserManager



           * Queries existence of a user.

           * @param sUserId

           * @return HTTP OK if user exists and NOT_FOUND if user does not exist


          @HEAD@Path( "/{userid}" )

          public Response queryUserExists( @PathParam( "userid" )final String sUserId )


              final boolean bUserExists = userManager.queryUserExists( sUserId );

              final Response retval;

              if( bUserExists )


                  retval = Response.status( Response.Status.OK ).build();




                  retval = Response.status( Response.Status.NOT_FOUND ).build();



              return retval;





          private UserManagerLocal userManager;




      The URL I used to make a HEAD request is: http://localhost:8080/MyTestAppWeb/users/foo

      I have NO ReSTEASY config in my server.xml. I am using the container's default config.