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    Node keeps appearing in my outline/source, but not diagram.

    ss_umi Newbie

      I have been exploring setting up OpenKM and as such have been trying to get jBPM up and running.

      I followed instructions seen in the link below to dl and install jBPM tools and eclipse.




      Once I had done that I tried to follow the steps in the following demo.




      However every time I go to create a task node the program creates two, one of which I cannot see in the diagram view and cannot delete. And when I go to edit the properties of all the other nodes I create it gets hung on this unseen node and none of what I did is written to the source.

      I am at a loss as to why this node keeps injecting itself into everything I attempt to make.


      Also if anyone knows what version of jBPM and OpenKM play nice I would appreciate it. So far from what I have seen searching around it seems to be V3. Or if anyone has a really good link to a guide dealing with these 2 specifically I would appreciate it. I am getting pretty frustrated.


      Here is what I am talking about,