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    AS7 - deployments dir sharing question

    Dan Sirbu Newbie



         I would like to know if there is a way to have the deployments directory configurable via an "envrionment" variable in AS7 or via other means rather than being static defined into the standalone.xml based on the "jboss.server.base.dir".


         For example, if I pass -DHOST=${HOST} to the jboss startup && in the standalone.xml file I have path="deployments_${HOST}", then the ${HOST} is replaced via the enviroment variable at startup && the deployment path is changed accordingly.



      Dan S.

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          Dan Sirbu Newbie

          Hi Brian,


              Thank you to open a case for my request.


              I have though one thing unclear: in a cluster that contains for example 2 blades I have the same app deployed on both payloads - otherwise I do not see why they would be in a cluster - at least that is my understanding of having a cluster.

              With that in mind, I do not see why the deployments && configuration directories could not be shared over a NFS mounted drive rather than having them defined per blade !

              Right now I cannot have them shared because the standalone.xml is written by the instance running on each blade (+ the history, etc ...) && the deployments directory contains extra files as ".undeployed" etc .....


              Duplicating the same data for me on different blades is error prone not to say that it requires extra handling. Especially if one has a 40 blade system .... there would be 40 copies of the same data across every blade which to me sounds redundant.


              That would require some more changes and I do not know if one would agre with me.





          Dan S.