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    JBoss EAP 5.0.0 - Number of active sessions across multiple WARs

    Jesse Hazen Newbie



      Is there any simple way to obtain the total number of active sessions on a container? The container in question will have multiple .war files deployed, for example:






      with the knowledge that more .war files will be added in the future.


      I know I can obtain (from JMX console) the number of active sessions from:

      jboss.web -> host=localhost,path=/AppA,type=Manager -> ActiveSessionCount


      This works fine but as we have several apps (and more to come) it'd be nice if there was a Tomcat Server level count of active sessions registered on the instance. If not I know I can script this but if there is already some variable set somewhere in JMX it'd be great to know. Particularly because app's will be added sporadically over time and instead of modifying my script each time I'd love to just pull total sessions from somewhere.



      Thanks in advance for any help/pointers!