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    Richfaces 4 UIDataScroller equivalent of setHandleValue


      Another Richfaces 4 question!


      I have the following from 3.3:


      HTMLDataScroller scroller = (HTMLDataScroller) component1;


      And have updated it to 4:


      UIDataScroller scroller = (UIDataScroller) component1;



      A problem occurs with the following in Richfaces 4:




      This method is not implemented by the Richfaces 4 API


      The problem is I dont even know what the method in 3.3 is supposed to do! There is no description in the API. Likewise, the Richfaces 4 API contains no description of what each method should do.


      So I'm wondering can somone tell me what it is suppoed to do and suggest an alternative method in Richfaces 4?


      It would be even better if someone could point me to a location where all the component methods are explained