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    order of a4j:param assignTo execution guaranteed?

    u j Novice

      When you have several a4j:param tags in a command link like below, is the order of execution of the assignTo methods guaranteed be the same as the order of the definition of the tags? I can't find any documentation about this.


      <a4j:commandLink render="editGrid" execute="@this" oncomplete="#{rich:component('editPane')}.show()">

           <h:graphicImage value="/images/edit.gif" alt="#{msg.Edit}" title="#{msg.Edit}" />

           <a4j:param value="#{itEstab.index}" name="estabIndex" assignTo="#{bean.currentEstabIndex}" />

           <a4j:param value="#{itProm.index}" name="promIndex" assignTo="#{bean.currentPromIndex}" />

           <a4j:param value="#{item.estabId}" name="item" assignTo="#{bean.editedEstabId}" />



      The background is that I rely in the last method on that the first methods have been called already.

      RichFaces 4.