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    richfaces:fileUpload acceptedFiles not working on Firefox over https

    Manju Mani Newbie

      I am using Sun faces 2.1.0-b11, Richfaces 3.3.3.Final, Seam 2.2.1.Final.


      I am using richfaces:fileUpload component with conditional acceptedFiles as 'pdf'. It all works fine with both Firefox and IE over http. When I deploy to a server that uses https, it doesn't work on Firefox. It still works on IE. On Firefox it displays all filetypes instead of the PDF files. I use Flash.


      This is my code snippet:

           <rich:fileUpload id="#{id}"

                 maxFilesQuantity="#{maxFilesQuantity != null ? maxFilesQuantity : 1}"



                 acceptedTypes="#{acceptedTypes != null ? acceptedTypes : null}"

                 listHeight="#{listHeight != null ? listHeight : 55}"


                 autoclear="#{autoclear != null ? autoclear : 'false'}"

                 fileUploadListener="#{actionBean['fileUploadListener']}" >

                         <c:if test="#{onUploadComplRerender != null}">

                            <a4j:support event="onuploadcomplete" reRender="#{onUploadComplRerender}" />


                       <a4j:support event="onclear" reRender="#{onClearRerender}">

                         <a4j:actionparam  name="fname" noEscape="true" value="(event.memo.entry)?event.memo.entry.fileName:'' "






      This goes onto a page which has a select radio button. On selecting first radiobutton, uploader allows all files; on selecting second option, fileUpload is supposed to display only PDF files. I use reRender to refresh the fileUpload component with PDF as accepted files. It is not working on Firefox only over https. Has someone come across this before?