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    richfaces with jquery integration

    itays100 Newbie

      Hi there,


      I am working on a project with seam 2, jsf 1.2 and richfaces 3.3.3 and i want to add jquery stuff at the moment.

      From a research i've done so far i understand the following steps:


      1. Add the following row in the head to get jquery 1.3.2.

         <a4j:loadScript src="resource:///org/richfaces/renderkit/html/scripts/jquery/jquery.js"></a:loadScript>

      2. Use jQuery instead the $ to avoid the conflict with richfaces.


      So far so good.


      Now, the problem is that i want to use external library like jquery ui:


      In the link above it mentioned that: " The current versions are: jQuery UI 1.8.14: Works with jQuery 1.3.2+ jQuery UI 1.7.2: Works with jQuery 1.3.2+"

      So all good, my current jquery version (richfaces 3.3.3) is 1.3.2.


      But, the plugin scripts are all with the "$".

      Do i need to convert these scripts to use jQuery instead ? and it'll work ?

      Anyone here done this ? can i download a query version that support richfaces 3.3.3 ?


      Thanks in advance.