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    Null dependencies

    Quanlin Chen Newbie

      Is there a way, by default, to declare an emply list of dependencies in manifest file? I mean, retain the "Dependencies:" in the manifest file but leave the following blank.


      the motivation is, I have a bunch of web applications, but all of them are using the base build file to create the war file, then use the build.xml specifically to each app to build project, so each of the web apps has a different list of dependencies, and some of them just don't have any dependencies, like common layouts. I don't want to declare the same property name twenty times to assign a different value.


      I know a workaround that I can manually create a null module and point the dependencies to the null module, but I think it will be easier if no dependencies are declared, the class loading machnism will just ignore that keyword.


      If not possible so far, should I raise a ticket in JIRA?


      Thanks a lot.