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    Checkstyle on windows

    Alejandro Montenegro Novice


      as most of the developers use mac or linux the default Line Delimiter is on unix format (LF) which makes a lot of sense, but to be able to run the checkstyle on windows require some tweeks as the Line Delimiter is different (CRLF).

      I used to change the Line Delimiter inside Eclipe, by going to File -> Convert Line Delimiters To, then the eclipse checkstyle-plugin would stop showing errors, but still this is a very error prone approach if I forget to revert changes. So I decided to do some research, and figured out to at least to make the Eclipse checkstyle-plugin stop showing errors by making a small change to the checkstyle.xml file.




          <module name="NewlineAtEndOfFile">

                <property name="lineSeparator" value="lf"/>



      So if you add the property shown above make sure to also do a mvn install of the switchyard-build project and then a clean of your project.


      So even if this is working when running checktyle inside eclipse, if I do the checkstyle by command line I will still get the errors, if somebody knows how to fix it, please share it