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    Richfaces 4 ui:include not load Javascript and CSS files


      Hi all,


      Sorry about my poor english.


      I´m using dynamic pages with


      <ui:include src="#{controller.somepage}"/>


      The problem is that some files like: datatable.ecss, datascroller.ecss, popupPanel.ecss, calendar.ecss, collapsiblePanel.ecss and their javascript not loading when I acess the page by the first time.


      To solve this problem I decided to create a static page with this code:


      <a4j:outputPanel rendered="false">
          <rich:dataTable >


      So I put all the components that I used in my dynamic pages.  I try in the webl.xml the param: org.richfaces.LoadScriptStrategy = ALL, but not work too.


      Some suggestion to solve this problem or it´s my problem with some configuration?


      Thanks in advance