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    HornetQ Implementation

    Venkatesh Balaji Newbie

      Dear All,


      I need some clarity on the right approach of implementing JMS in our system.


      Currently we have two JBoss servers in load-balanced for end user transaction purpose, we are not extending the notification features based on various event in the transaction. To make it work have decided to use following approach, hornetQ will be embedded in transaction Jboss servers and MDB will be attached in same JBoss server to listend and call another JBoss server which will have some business code to categorize the users to be sent and finally that server will make a call to XMPP server with appropriate users.


      Here my doubt is, deploying MDB (event consumer) in transaction JBoss server is good approach or move the MDB to JBoss server dedicated for notification pupose. Please throw some idea for better approach.