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    rich:dataTable + datascroller + filter + Show number of reco

    Daniel Nussbaum Newbie

      Enironment: RichFaces 3.3.1 GA

      We are using a rich:dataTable (or extendedDataTable, same problem) in combination with a rich:datascroller. Additionally, each column of the table is filterable.

      Now the question: How is it possible, to show the from-to index of the data showed actually in the table?
      E.g. You have 10 Rows on 2 pages. Now when you are on page one you see something like 1-5 and selecting the second page 6-10 and so on...

      I've already seen that there are 2 request-scope variables on the datascroller showing actual index of page and maxPage, but I can't use them for my purpose.