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    How to use a POJO as Gateway condition

    Gary Struthers Newbie

      I have a POJO as a process variable, "vars". In a diverging Gateway I want to use one of its fields as a condition. This is what I've tried and it seems to work but it's too much Java in a BPMN file. Is this the right way to do it?


          <sequenceFlow id="_12-_13" sourceRef="_12" targetRef="_13" name="valid score" tns:priority="1" >

            <conditionExpression xsi:type="tFormalExpression" >

            org.drools.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance process = (org.drools.runtime.process.WorkflowProcessInstance)kcontext.getProcessInstance();

            x.xx.xxx.workflow.dto.PIvars vars = process.getVariable("vars");

            return vars.isValidScore() == true;</conditionExpression>