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    Negotiation does not fall back to FORM

    James Robson Newbie

      I'm Using jboss negotiation 2.1.0.GA for SPNEGO authentication with the fallback domain for FORM based negotiation.

      If I use a browser such as Opera from my mobile phone, which does not support SPNEGO, the form fall back works correctly.

      However, if I attempt to login with a browser which does support SPNEGO -- and the automatic authentication/negotiation has been turned off -- No fall back to form based authentication occurs and instead the default JBoss 401 error page is desplayed.


      It seems that the form fall back mechanism is not completely implemented.


      Shouldn't the negotiatior set the status to 401 and include the login page in the response rather thatn just returing a 401 error?


      Patch  attached.