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    Problem with extending UIExtendedDataTable

    Roger Gilliar Newbie

      So far I was able to register my own component and make it almost work. The problem I have now is that the table is not displayed correctly. The table borders are missing and I can not resize the columns or reorder them.


      I use the component like this:




               value="#{overviewController.listOfData}" var="data" rows="11">


               <rich:column sortBy="#{data.status}"




      @FacesComponent(value = "myDataTable")

      public class MyExtendedDataTable extends UIExtendedDataTable   {


        private static Log log = LogFactory.getLog(MyExtendedDataTable.class);


         public MyExtendedDataTable() {


             log.info("Created =========================================");



         public static class ColumnIterator implements Iterator<UIComponent> {


          private Iterator<UIComponent> columns;

          int i=0;


          public ColumnIterator(Iterator<UIComponent> columns) {

              this.columns = columns;




          public boolean hasNext() {


              // just for testing

              if (i > 4) {


                  return false;



              return this.columns.hasNext();




          public UIComponent next() {

              return this.columns.next();




          public void remove() {






         public Iterator<UIComponent> columns() {

             Iterator<UIComponent> cols = super.columns();

             return new ColumnIterator(cols);