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    ExtendedDataTable reRender problem with IE

    cdpointpoint Newbie


      I couldn't find anything about this so i'm posting here.

      I have an issue with extendedDataTable and IE6. When i try to reRender an extendedDataTable with IE6 (it's working on firefox but still, i need it to work on IE6 as well) the table rerender correcly the data but borders (bottom and right) disapear so it's rather annoying ...

      To be sure it was not my page, i put 2 extendedDataTable in an ui:composition with no external code, except a reRender between both extendedDataTable, and i reproduced it easily.

      On server refresh there is no problem with the borders, it only happens with reRender and ajax.

      Is this a known bug or i'am using the extendedDataTable wrongly ?