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    JCA provider and HTTP Gateway

    Pulokesh Goswami Newbie


      I have two esb applications running in two machines. Both the services are transactional using jms-jca-provider They comunicate using webservice exposed using http gateway provider. The http gateway is synchronous as I need a custom acknoeledgement created from the incomming messages. It works fine if I send few messages ata a time. But if I send large number of messages the Sending services transaction does not complete and throws time out errors. I have tried increasing the synchronousTimeout but this only delays the time out errors.


      Opon debugging I found that it is getting stuck in at the point when it tries to pickup the reply message from the reply queue. The action pipeline delivers the reply to the reply queue but it is neither visible in the JMXconsole nor the serviceinvoker pickup courier able to pick up.


      If I change all the jms-jca-provider to normal jms-provider everthing works fine. I suspect both transaction is going to some kinf of deadlock.


      Any idea what can be the problem?


      I am using ESB 4.9 JBOSS 5.1.0 and messaging 1.4.5