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    Link to external libraries - JBoss as 7

    Antonio Bruno Newbie

      My application prova.war must use external libraries.
      Where do I place these libraries and how do I link from my application?
      Do I have to use modules? Or I can link to external libraries in some other way?
      When using the modules, how to convert an external library in a module automatically
      with all its dependencies?

      There is a mechanism (such as a maven plugin) that automatically produces module.xml?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Dan Sirbu Newbie

          I used modules. And define the module.xml definition - don't forget to add the dependecies - anyhow you'll get them as exceptions at runtime and you'll have to add them. Then the war file manifest file needs to have the keyword "Dependencies:<module name that you just defined earlier>". If your module has spi's define then in the manifest add keyword 'services' after the module name.