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    [JBoss 6.1.0 Snapshot build 53] WAR Archive & Java Web Start


      Hello everybody.


      We're currently using JBoss 6.1 build 53 for our application.


      Our application is packed as follow :


      - One EAR Archive With 1 WAR Archive & 1 Jar Archive


      Into the WAR Archive we have :


      - META-INF folder

      - WEB-INF folder

      - lib folder (which contains all the JAR needed by the client application)


      Our client is launched with java web start.

      We're requesting a jnlp file from the servlet (the servlet builds a JNLP file), then the client starts.


      Since we moved from JBoss 4.1.0 to JBoss 6.1 everytime we stop/start the JBoss server, java web start download again the application (even if the application is the same !!!).


      When the server is running, java web start does not download the application but uses the cache... But, as soon as we stop/start JBoss, the cache mecanism of Java Web is not used.


      It's annoying and we do not understand where the problem is !

      We tried with some other versions of Java (currently we're using jdk 1.6.0_23), but it doesn't change anything...


      If someone can give us some clues, it'd be great !


      I hope that I've been understandable !


      Thanks !