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    Referencing _AUD tables ID's as foreign keys to entities

    Adriano Saturno Newbie

      Does it make sense?


      I´m thinking about using Enver as a tracer of "valid" entities.


      Let's explain:


      I have an persisted entity "Alpha", that could be valid or not for my business.


      There´s a java method that set Alpha as valid, let´s call it "Process"


      Any edition in Alpha after Process invalidates Alpha.


      My business doesn´t like invalids Alphas (who likes?...). It likes the last valid Alpha.


      OK, to solve this issue I will use Envers to show me the last valid Alpha (before this last edition and after this last Processing).


      But how? Maybe I could save the Alpha_AUD ID in an "AlphaGoodMemory" entity after Processing. The valid Alpha is this one, perfect! It could have a foreign key reference in AlphaGoodMemory to this Alpha_AUD ID.


      Can I? How to map a foreign key to  Alpha_AUD using a hibernate-mapping hbm?


      One more question: Can I use this  Alpha_AUD element as an Alpha entity with no cast (I guess not...)