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    Question about external classes dependency in script task...

    tomcheng76 Newbie

      Hello community,


      I would like to know is there any quick method of importing jar to the jbpm console server.


      Here is my use case.


      created a script task in eclipse and uploaded to guvnor.


      uploaded the jar to guvnor.


      built the package in guvnor.


      So far so good.


      But if i start the process in jbpm console, CNF exception happens o.O .


      if i put the jar inside the jbpm-console.server.war. The problem is solved.


      It is very slow in development, here is the problem

      1. i cannot restart the jbpm-console-server itself through admin-console,  it will not start.
      2. restart the jboss as is extremely slow.


      I wonder if there is another way to do this. i would like to install the class in webapp level, not system nor common level.


      Question:  why process is recognized after building package, but not the jar ?
      what is the usage of changeSet.xml in guvnor?


      Thanks for reading.