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    Why JBPM 5.1 Installer expecting Eclipse and JBoss inside its root?

    Kiran Sadasivuni Newbie


      I am new to JBPM. I have downloaded JBPM5 Installer and unzipped to C:\JBPM5. I already have JBoss AS 7 and Eclipse Indigo in different directories. When I try to run the "ant install.demo", it is expecting JBoss and Eclipse zip files in lib folder. I have modified the build.xml not to install these two and also changed the home values in build.properties.

      But build failed when it tries to install drools. It is expecting a directory like C:\JBPM\<JBoss Home directory path>\. I don't want this setup. Is there any way that I can configure JBPM while my JBoss, Drools and Eclipse are outside its home?