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    rich:fileUpload firefox 3.5 flash https fails

    Andrew Redhead Newbie


      I have come across an "interesting" problem...

      I'm using a rich:fileUpload component in a page of an application, with allowFlash="true".

      If I access the application running on my laptop everything works fine in firefox and ie.

      When I access the same application running on a remote test server over https then:

      1) everything works fine if I use ie

      2) I get a "transfer failed" error message when I use firefox (there is no sign of the browser even trying to make an outbound connection)

      If I access the remote app using firefox 3.5 using http rather than https then everything works fine.

      If I set allowFlash="false" then even firefox 3.5 works over https...

      Does anyone have any idea why I can't use allowFlash="true" with firefox 3.5 to upload a file using https?