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    how to start with PicketLink? Urgent!

    yilin chai Newbie

      hi all,


      currently i am working on a seam3 project and i also want to access LDAP. it looks like seam security module is a must. so i have to get familiar with picketlink.

      the thing is:

      i do not even know how to start with PicketLink IDM. it is not like other jboss projects. there are not Appropriate documents and examples.

      i did follow the only document:


      and tried to play with the example mentioned in the doc:



      so i use 'mvn install'. and i only got a 'example-simple-1.0.0.GA.jar' which is only 3kb. can somebody tell me what is going on?

      how can i properly start with PicketLink IDM?

      are there any up-to-date article about integrating/configuring Seam3 and picketlink?