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    rich:fileupload in IE8 shows incorrect path

    Kim Eeckhout Newbie

      When using rich:fileupload in combination with IE8 which has its security setting "Include local directory path when uploading files" for the Internet Zone set to DENY (default setting), the path of the file shown in the upload component is always 'c:/fakepath/filename'.

      I found this post on the IE8 dev blog regarding this issue: http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2009/03/20/rtm-platform-changes.aspx

      Apparently it is caused by IE8 denying javascript access to some parts of the filehandle, because that would enable it to read out username and profile information. However, the javascript used for the rich:fileupload needs that information to retrieve the path of the file.

      Is there any way to fix/avoid this (without telling my users to go change their settings or get a decent browser)? I don't really care about displaying the path, just the filename is enough.