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    Development Plan: 1.1.0-X (master) and 1.2.0-X

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      ShrinkWrap Descriptors is undergoing development in two active branches now:


      • master
      • 1.2.0-X


      1.2.0-X represents the next series of Java EE Spec and JBoss Vendor Descriptors that have arisen out of SHRINKDESC-54 and related work.  Juggling the two represents a new methodology for us which I'm starting to see break down a little, so let's outline the motivations for each branch and give some guidelines for keeping everything in sync.


      The "master" branch is the 1.1.0-X series of releases.  The focal point of these is to introduce the new "spi" module.  Once we're happy locking that into a back-compat mode, 1.1.0-X will go to Beta.  And then we'll move on to the 1.2.0-series.


      Which means that the 1.2.0-X branch on upstream must be continually rebased atop anything going into master.  I've been handling this.  The important part to consider for all developers is that you must, in turn, rebase *your* forks of 1.2.0-X with the upstream version.  Else, we run the risk of losing commits and getting into a tangled situation.


      I can elaborate more if anyone needs, but this big take-home is this: If you're working on an issue in JIRA that I've set to 1.2.0-alpha-1, this work should be done on one of your branches based off upstream/1.2.0-X, and be sure to rebase your local commits atop whatever is current w/ this branch.


      Ping me and I'll be happy to help w/ guidance if anyone gets stuck.