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    asynchronous web service call process correlation

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      I have been fiddling around with jBPM for a bit and still got some questions concerning web services.


      In the given scenario, different jbpm process instances send messages (asynchronous) to one or more ERP systems.


      1) How can I be sure, that the right process instance receives the right message back from the ERP? How does correlation work in jBPM?


      2) What is the best practice for web-service calls in jBPM ?

      I understood that I would have to define a service task that uses a work items. I guess I would need to import my own webservice class into the work item handler and return an output variable. Is there a webservice runtime layer, that jBoss offers as part of its enterprise stack? Something that manages the previously states problem?


      Also, lets imagine the server with jBPM crashs after a web service call was sent away and it reboots. Is there something that makes sure that the web service will be invoked again, once the system is up and running again?


      I only found the following:




      3) How can I trigger a process instance through a web service call?

      Is there something like a message start event? I understand there is a REST API that exposes the engine. However, if I want to pass a big message body to a process instance creation, how would I do this?


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