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    Forward request do not render components properly

    Chris Ericsson Newbie

      Hello, I've got a render problem when I doing a forward request to a page with Richfaces components. Some Richfaces competent (tab panel, collapsible table, etc) doesn't get properly rendered, or re-rendered when the user fires an forward request. It renders correctly when I redirect the request in my faces-config file (due to the complete request of the page). But when I remove the redirect option, only the standard JSF components get rendered properly. I use ajax in my menu:item when process the request.


      I have tried the a4j:region tag, set the render="content" in the menu:item. But problem remains with some of the rich compensates(specially rich:tabPanel, rich:collapsibleSubtable). On the other hand the rich:panel, rich:datatable and standard JSF will render correctly when doing a forward request on other pages.


      How can I make these RichFaces components render properly when I do a forward request ?


      Greetings Chris.

      PS. I use Richfaces 4.0-final, Glassfish 3.1.





      <rich:dropDownMenu mode="ajax" >
      <f:facet name="label">
      <h:outputText value="Activity" />
      <rich:menuItem action="ListActivity" render="content" label="List Activities"/>


      <ui:define name="content">
      <rich:panel header="Activity List" styleClass="left_content">
      <h:form id="activitylist_form">
      <rich:tabPanel switchType="ajax" itemChangeListener="#{activityController.processItemChange}" activeItem="#{activityController.activeTabItemName}">
      <rich:tab name="OrganisationActivities" header="Organisation Activities">
      <h:outputText value="No activities registred" escape="false" rendered="#{activityController.activityDataModel.rowCount == 0}" />
      <f:event type="preRenderComponent" listener="#{activityController.retrieveOrganisationActivity(event)}" />
      <rich:dataTable id="activitylist" rows="10" value="#{activityController.activityDataModel}" var="item" rowClasses="jsfcrud_odd_row,jsfcrud_even_row"
      rendered="#{activityController.activityDataModel.rowCount > 0}">