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    Is Anyone using SNMP to Monitor JBoss?

    Darryl Baker Newbie

      If so how do you have it configured?


      I did what I thought was right but I cannot get anything with snmpwalk. Not even a reply. I get the activation mess in the JBoss logs and I see the port open using netstat. I just don't get anything. I intend to use Zabbix to gather data and monitor for faults using snmp since we have multiple instances on the server and configuring the zabbix agent to deliver info on each instance will be painful. I have each instance assisgned a different port (1161,1261,1361,.....) and the host I'm doing the query from is the configured manager. I'm using the Public community since I do not see how to even set that in the files.I still get nada. Help, please!