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    Unable to access server-status and server-info page (status 404)

    Stefano Nichele Newbie

      Hi All,

      configuring my production server i'm having an issue with apache server-status and server-info page.

      Just trying to open server-status page i recevied a 404 error code ...from tomcat (this is the important thing).


      In my httpd.conf file i have:


      <Location /server-status>

          SetHandler server-status



      <Location /server-info>

          SetHandler server-info



      This is what i have understood...

      I restart apache and until no tomcat notifies mod_cluster the server-status page works fine. As soon as one tomcat instance notifies apache, apache starts to forward server-status requests to tomcat that returns 404. 


      ROOT is not an excludedContext in my deployment.


      Is there any way to say to mod_cluster to avoid to forward /server-status to tomcat ? (something like JkUnMount)


      Not sure if my problem is the same as but for sure it seems really similar.


      Thanks in advance