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    My MBeans do not show up in jmx-console on Jboss 6

    Waldo Nell Newbie

      I have a working application on JBoss 5.1 under JDK 1.6.  It uses several MBeans.  I mark MBeans as follow:



      @Service(objectName = "AppName.MBeans:service=NotificationScheduler")


      public class NotificationScheduler implements NotificationSchedulerMBean {

        // ...




      @Service and @Management is from org.jboss.ejb3.annotation


      The application loads fine in JBoss 6 Final, and everything seems to work, just none of my MBeans are loaded at all.  I have verified by looking at jmx-console and also my application throws errors about not being able to locate the MBeans.


      What am I missing?