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    Deployment of process, creating KnowledgeBase

    Marie MM Newbie

      For now we are not using Guvnor or anything special for deploying and storing process definitions, we just have files with definitions. Guvnor seems to be too big and complex for our needs.


      We want to keep different versions of process definition. When new version is created, the processes which are running (in some wait state) still continue with old version (since there could be many errors when changing definition during run - eg. missing variables).

      Is anyone using jBPM5 in this way? Could you share your experience?


      We are considering saving definitions (all versions) in DB. When new process starts - it get the newest version, for the running it gets the version which process started with.

      It is more less the same behaviour as it was in jBPM 4 - it was generating version number automatically.



      Another question about preparing knowledge base: what is best practice to use it?

      For running process it needs definitions for itself and also for all subprocesses. And also for subprocess run, it needs to know parents definition. I don't think it is smart to create knowledge base with all definitions - it takes long and I don't which definitions will be really used.