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    AXIS2 Support in JBoss AS7

    Dharmarao Palepu Newbie



        Somebody please tell me the AXIS2 Support in JBoss AS7?.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Donald Evett Newbie

          I'm not sure if there is support but you can incorporate axis2 by downloading the zip file and including it in the standalone folder standalone/deployments/axis2-1.6.2-war/WEB-INF/services.  Just add the axis folder in deployments then the rest will follow.  Also make sure you setup your .profile for $AXIS2_HOME and it's PATH.

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            Donald Evett Newbie

            After a lot of hard work, we finally got axis2 working in JBoss AS 7.  We took the axis2 war bundle and created a Maven project.  We have our code archiving the aar files into the services folder, then complile the war and place the war into the /standalone/deployments folder.  The war will then be deployed with the server and your services will run.